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1. Tuathal is left and deosil is right. While humans have a "right" preference ("right hand man" and similar phrases), the Elves have a "left" preference.

2. Tsk. Either I or the copyeditor should have caught that. Ivaloriel Telthorelandor is War Prince of Telthorelandor, and Ladyholder Edheleorn is his Bondmate.

3. Runacar was one of the Lords Komen with the right to lead his own meisne in battle by the year Vielle was born. I've never nailed that down completely, but offhand I would say he was between twenty and thirty years older than she is.

4. Gunedwaen was with her, and a member of her court in Oronviel. I suspect the scene of him telling her she was an idiot is one of the ones that was cut, but you may certainly picture him as a mix of exasperated and impressed. (And hoping she'd stop with Oronviel, but no such luck.)

5. Cirdeval is a Less House of the Windsward, and Vieliessar did not fight any battles in the Windsward. I am, therefore, as puzzled as you. The text is:

"In centuries to come it would be said the High King gained her throne through seven great battles: Oronviel, Aralhathumindrion, Jaeglenhend, Niothramangh, Cirdeval, the Barrens, and the Shieldwall Plain. Oronviel was a Challenge Circle, Aralhathumindrion only a skirmish, and the Barrens was not a battle at all. But Storysingers shape history as cabinetmakers shape wood, and it is left for Loremasters to decide the truth."

It may have something to do with Thurion going to the Windsward as her envoy, but I would have to do a close reading of the uncut book to be sure. Sorry not to have an answer.
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