Date: 2016-09-08 02:04 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
1. In the last open thread, you mentioned that Harrier is a descendant of Kellen. I'd like more of an idea (if you already have one) of when Kellen's progeny joined the Gillain family. (Is it possible, e.g., that Tavadon is Divigana Gillain's maiden name? I concluded from reading Unchained that that surname is not popularly associated with Kellen by that time.)
2. Speaking of Harrier's family, was his Uncle Alfrin a Wildmage and/or was he directly prompted by the Wild Magic to give his nephew that Compendium of Ancient Myth and Legend?
3. If Harrier is descended from Kellen, does that mean Tiercel and Cilarnen are related in some way? (I've long had my suspicions on this subject, mostly fueled by the pair of unicorn statues outside the Rolfort townhouse.)
4. Were Tiercel and Ciniran falling in love before she was killed?
5. Did you, at any point, consider making Saravasse the dragon with whom Harrier would have to Bond? (I noted, reading Unchained, that they both shared a thirst for travel, if nothing else.)
6. I noticed multiple references in Crown of Vengeance to Macenor Telchi's Sword-Giver and Lady of Battles. Does this mean that the Selken civilization was influenced to some degree by ancient Elven culture?
7. If Crown of Vengeance included any references to House Malkirinath, I must have missed them. Does Jermayan's House not exist yet, or will his ancestors play any role in the forthcoming 2 books?
(On a side-note, looking above, it seems you conflated the spelling of the Golden City's name with that of one of the ancient Elven Houses.)
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