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2017-03-16 02:13 pm

Blade of Empire Update

As of last week, BLADE OF EMPIRE has gone through *two* editorial revisions and is now in production at Tor! This puts it on schedule for a Fall 2017 release.

I will almost certainly be turning in SCOURGE OF FATE by the end of this year, though what Tor does with it after that, and when, is anybody's guess.
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2017-01-17 06:15 pm

Outtake from Blade of Empire

I'm in the middle of the editorial revisions on BLADE OF EMPIRE, and as always, there are bits and pieces that end up on the cutting room floor, as it were. I thought you might enjoy seeing this one, since it doesn't involve spoilers.

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2017-01-04 06:46 pm
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Happy January!

Dear Friends:

A happy Civil New Year to all! Happier, anyway, though both the Yanks and the Brits have a particularly challenging year ahead politically, I fear. I hope that your festivities and observations as 2016 drew to a close were all that you could hope for.


Apparently Tor has Blade of Empire listed as an October 2017 release. Macmillan (which distributes Tor Books), lists it as coming in November. My editor says it’s “in production”, though what they have in production is a mystery to me, as I am working on the revisions even as we speak (as it were).

In other words: Lo! My editor finally sent me a revision letter (and suggested hopefully that I remove a third of the book). Needless to say, I laughed merrily and am ignoring that part: the final draft will be around 150K, but there will be at least one new novella as well (you did want to know what’s happening on the Grand Windsward, I hope?) Blade of Empire and Scourge of Fate (already begun; I expect to turn it in this Fall) essentially make up one long novel, but as Tor demands shorter and shorter books, it was the only way I could come up with to retain the epic scope of the story.

That’s all the Obsidian news I have right now. And so, back to work...
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2016-10-29 08:50 pm
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Update: Blade of Empire

Tor Books has scheduled Blade of Empire: Dragon Prophecy Book Two, as a FALL 2017 release.

Only a year to wait...
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2016-09-05 07:59 pm

This is the September 2016 Open Thread

Greetings, and happy Labor Day to American readers.

There is as yet no news from Tor, so at this point we can be fairly certain that Book Two will not be coming out this year, since it takes several months for a book to work its way through the production process, and I have not yet been asked for revisions.

The only bright spot in all of this is that Book Three should follow fairly closely on its heels, since it is half written.

Sorry not to have better news.
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2016-05-01 10:41 pm
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This Is The May 2016 Open Thread For Merlinscribe

Have random questions? Post them here.
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2016-05-01 10:26 pm

Continuity Question

Do the western foothills of the Mystrals have a specific name in Kellen's time, or are they just "the foothills"? For those who have read CROWN OF VENGEANCE, I'm specifically interested in the terrain around the Vondaimieriel side of the Dragon's Gate Pass.
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2016-04-26 12:42 pm

Blade of Empire Delivered to Tor

Hail Gentiles All:

It is my honor and my pleasure to announce to you that Dragon Prophecy Book II: Blade of Empire has been delivered to Tor Books. At the moment it is 161,000 words long. We'll see how many of those words make it into the finished book.

In other news, I'm 20,000 words into Scourge of Fate (aka Dragon Prophecy III) so you shouldn't have quite as long a wait for the next one.
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2016-01-26 07:24 pm
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Today's Continuity Question

Is it Mosirinde's Covenant or Arilcarion's Art of War that forbids Lightborn from taking the field as combatants in the wars of the Hundred Houses?
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2016-01-16 12:22 pm


No, there isn't a release date yet. A commentator suggested "two for 2017", and while I hope that the middle book will appear this year, I can certainly promise I will finish writing the trilogy this year.

After the publication of Blade of Empire and Scourge of Fate, however, the future of the World of Obsidian is up in the air, as Tor may not wish to buy any more books in the series. The (hypothetical) trilogy that would follow this one is plotted out and ready to write, and as it deals with the Seven who held Vel-al-Amion, it is a book close to my heart, and I may, absent Tor, have to turn to self-publishing to see it done. The advantage to that is that the story won't be "cut to fit"--Tor demanded I remove more than 2/3 of the manuscript of Crown of Vengeance (1000 pages), and I think the book is poorer for that excision.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to sack the Domains of the Western Shore...
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2015-05-22 01:05 am

Elven Lexicon, Part 5

Part 4 (O-Z). (Missed part of "O")

And now the Lexicon is done.

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2015-05-19 08:23 pm

Elven Lexicon, Part 4

Part 4 (L-O). (Halfway through the alphabet!)

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2015-05-17 03:38 am

Elven Lexicon, Part 3

Here is Part 3 (H-K). (NOTE: the "th" sound is generally a soft th--as in "thimble"--and not a hard th as in "them".)

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2015-05-16 02:23 am

This is the May 2015 Open Thread for Merlinscribe.

An open thread where people can ask questions and make comments. Now appearing quarterly for your record-keeping pleasure. It will run until I start a new one.
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2015-05-16 01:38 am

Elven Lexicon, Part 2

Here is Part 2 (D-G). Someday I will go back over the text of all books written to date and put together an Elven dictionary.

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2015-05-13 04:43 am

A Message From James Mallory

My Dear Friends,

I apologize deeply for my long absence, and am honored that so many of you have expressed concern for my personal well-being. I promise you that I am deeply engaged in the current work, and am confident I shall be able to announce that it has been dispatched to Tor by the end of the summer.

I had meant to be able to present you, in hopes of making amends, with something many of you have asked about: a pronunciation guide to the names in Crown of Vengeance. While the object itself is complete, its length and formatting difficulties render it impossible to post in full just now.

Here, then, are the ABCs:
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2014-08-23 04:58 am

House of the Four Winds is Out.

At the beginning of this month, House of the Four Winds was published. You can read an excerpt from it here. (Unfortunately, the giveaway is over by now...)
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2014-08-23 12:37 am

Crown of Vengeance Outtakes: Tunonil's Tale [SPOILERS]

There were a number of stories I was forced to cut (for length) from Crown of Vengeance, but I think the one I regretted most was this one. Throughout the story we see Elven society from the POV of nobles and Lightborn--but very rarely from the people to whom Vieliessar's Kingship will make the most difference: the Commons...

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2014-07-29 05:18 pm


I have a number of questions and posts to respond to, and I ask your indulgence for a few more days. A time-critical project is running late and must take priority. I apologize sincerely for the delay.
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2014-07-07 02:52 pm

Crown of Vengeance Outtakes: Annobeunna's Tale

The original manuscript of CROWN OF VENGEANCE ran over 1600 pages. Tor demanded a considerable number of cuts, so less than half the original manuscript was included in the published edition. Most of the excisions were in the nature of single paragraphs and even single sentences, but in some cases, entire chapters were removed.

Here's one of those outtakes. Annobeunna of Keindostibaent had good reason to declare for the High King, when the High king came....