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A reader writes:

"Dear Mr. Mallory,

Do you and Mercedes Lackey have plans for more books set in the World of Obsidian?

All the Best,

A. Reader"

I am pleased to announce that Ms. Lackey and I have just delivered to our publisher The Dragon Prophecy: Book One: Crown Of Vengeance. Tor has not scheduled it as of yet, but it is likely to be a Fall 2011 or Spring 2012 release.

The Dragon Prophecy Trilogy is set long before the events of The Obsidian Mountain Trilogy. It tells the story of the first war fought between the Children of Light and the Endarkened, of the Elves in a time millennia before they had the race of Men to aid in their fight, from a time before the Wild Magic -- and long before the High Magic had been thought of.

Near the end of Shadow Mountain: Book Three: When Darkness Falls, Kellen, Idalia, and Jermayan are sent by Ancaladar on a vision quest to find a force powerful enough to stop He Who Is from entering the world...


He was no longer Kellen Tavadon, Knight-Mage.

He was Vielissiar Farcarinon, Great Queen, victor of a thousand battles. Since she had been old enough to hold a sword, she had fought -- against the Centaurs, against the Minotaurs, against the Bearwards. She had fought the warring Elven tribes who would attempt to take her crown from her, and united them beneath her banner. She had brought her rule to the land from the Forests of Ulayna to the Golden Isles, and united the Hundred Houses. All of them had acknowledged her right to rule, for she was wise, favoring no House over another.

Then, in the moment of her greatest victory, when all the land was at peace, a new enemy had come. Not just an enemy of the Elves, but an enemy of all who walked beneath the Light.

The Endarkened.


He was no longer Jermayan, son of Malkirinath, Elven Knight, Ancaladar's Bonded.

He was Vielissiar Farcarinon, Great Queen, victor of a thousand battles, Elven Mage. Since she had been old enough to enter The Sanctuary of the Star, she had studied the mysteries of the Great Magic that bound the Children of Leaf and Star to the heartbeat of the world, and mastered all its secrets. With that power had come great wisdom, and so she had planned her battles carefully, knowing that the Elves must not forever expend their substance on petty wars between House and House, but must unite together beneath a strong ruler, and end their bickering forever. For there had been omens revealed in the stars at the moment of her birth that foretold that a great enemy was coming, and she knew that she must be there to meet it.

She labored long and bloodily, and at last there was peace. And then, as the prophecy foretold, the enemy came. Winged creatures of Shadow, with sorcerous powers greater than those of the greatest Elven Mage. Once more she rallied her armies beneath her banner, and found, to her horror, that all their power, all their magic was not enough.

But she had been planning for this day for a very long time, and she did not despair. She went into the deep earth, armed only with her wits, her magic, and her love, and found new allies.

The dragons.

There, she made a pact that would change the world forever. She made it willingly, knowingly, gladly, for the enemy they faced was worth any sacrifice.

But it was still not enough to save them.


She was no longer Idalia Wildmage, tool of the Wild Magic.

She was Vielissiar Farcarinon, Great Queen, victor of a thousand battles, Elven Mage.

With all the limitless power of a dragon to draw upon, she was still not the equal of the enemy she fought. She could destroy them one by one upon the battlefield, but the Power they served walked the land beside them, and its power was as much greater than Theirs as Leaf and Star was greater than hers.

It was that Power that she must seal away from the world, if all who walked beneath the Light were to survive -- and prevail.

There were yet Allies upon whom she might call. Those who loved her people well, who had answered their prayers upon a thousand battlefields, to whom offerings were made at the Nine Shrines in every season. Allies as bright and dangerous as a swordblade, as powerful as the lightning.

As powerful –- perhaps – as
He Who Is.


Thousands of years before the race of Men existed, long before the Wild Magic was known, the Elves were great Mages who shared their world not only with other races ... but with a great enemy they had yet to meet.

In this ancient age, Elvenkind is still treacherous, bloodthirsty, and cruel, waging constant wars among itself and against every living thing in Jer-a-kalaliel, the Strong-Hearted Land. There are a hundred Elven courts, and the War Prince of each battles to claim the Unicorn Throne of High King Amrethion Aradruiniel -- and with it, sovereignty over all Elvenkind. But Celephriandullias-Tildorangelor fell ten thousand years before. All that remains of those days is a series of poems called The Song of Amrethion Aradruiniel...

And a prophecy:

For twice upon five hundred lives, the Throne of Shame shall sleep unknown
And Celephriandullias-Tildorangelor a haunt of shadows lie
The Happy Lands shall ring to battle through the wheel of years
While all who husband hidden secrets die.

Though many seek to gain the golden crown, no worthy hand shall gain its light
And brother vie with brother for a prize no House can claim
While Darkness breeds in lands unknown and armies bought with mortal blood
Will rise upon the day false promise is made true.

When stars and clouds together point the way
And of a hundred deer one doe no longer counted be
When peace is bought with maiden mother's blood
And those so long denied assert their ancient claim
When scholar turns to sword, and warrior to peace
And two ford rivers swelled with mortal gore
When two are one, then one may speak for all
And in that hour claim what never has been lost.

Vieliessar of Farcarinon is lucky to be alive. Orphaned, her House erased by the War Princes who betrayed her father, she lives as a servant in the Sanctuary of the Star, knowing her life is forfeit the moment she leaves.

She's the only one who believes The Song of Amrethion is more than a series of meaningless riddles...
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The next book in the "Dragon Prophecy" series is Blade of Empire. It will be published by Tor Books at the end of 2017.

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