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Crown of Vengeance, first book of the Dragon Prophecy Trilogy, will be released on November 13, 2012. I wish to assure readers of this journal that I have not secretly changed my name to Stephen Zimmer, who also has a book called "Crown of Vengeance" coming out this month. I'm rather surprised that this seems to be such a common title.

And what is our new book about? I'm very glad you asked:


"He was no longer Kellen Tavadon, Knight-Mage.

"He was Vielissiar Farcarinon, Great Queen, victor of a thousand battles. Since she had been old enough to hold a sword, she had fought -– against the Centaurs, against the Minotaurs, against the Bearwards. She had fought the warring Elven tribes who would attempt to take her crown from her, and united them beneath her banner. She had brought her rule to the land from the Forests of Ulayna to the Golden Isles, and united the Hundred Houses. All of them had acknowledged her right to rule, for she was wise, favoring no House over another.

"Then, in the moment of her greatest victory, when all the land was at peace, a new enemy had come. Not just an enemy of the Elves, but an enemy of all who walked beneath the Light.

"The Endarkened."

-From "When Darkness Falls" Obsidian Mountain, Book Three


Thousands of years before the race of Men existed, long before the Wild Magic was known to exist, the Elves were great Mages who shared their world -- not peacefully -- with a vast number of other races. Their dominion extended from beyond Greythunder Glairyrill in the East to Great Sea Ocean in the West.

It was not, at that time, an empire in any sense of the word, for the Elves were a race of bloodthirsty warriors, at war with one another as well as with the Kingdoms of the Otherfolk: Centaurs, Bearwards, Minotaurs, Firesprites, Merfolk, Sphinxes, Fauns, Unicorns, Woods Giants, Dryads, Selkies, and dozens of others.

Vielissiar Farcarinon is born into a land torn apart by war....


In Sword of Vengeance we return to the world of Jer-a-Kaliel, but thousands of years before the birth of Kellen Tavadon, before the Elves first clashed with the Endarkened. In this age, Elves were eternally at war, for the Unicorn Throne had been vacant for ten thousand years, and no one in all the Hundred Houses could agree upon who was to become High King...

Misty and I hope you will join us on our latest journey into the World of Obsidian, and we hope to see you there!
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The next book in the "Dragon Prophecy" series is Blade of Empire. It will be published by Tor Books at the end of 2017.

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