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Not at all! I’m very fond of the world, and I enjoy answering questions about it. And with that said…

1. "Okay. You're right about that. But I don't see any Wildmages around here. Do you? So we go north, cross the Mystrals, reach Ysterialpoerin – in another couple of moonturns – don't find a Wildmage there, either – keep going – cross the Bazrahil Range, go through the Gatekeeper Pass - if we're lucky enough to manage to get there before winter sets in, cross the mountains of Pelashia's Veil, and reach the Elven Lands (…)”

So it seems to me that from what Harrier says, the Elven Lands of his time are in the Grand Windsward, though they also seem to have reclaimed Celephriandullias-Tildorangelor as well, which would make the mountains called Pelashia’s Veil the same ones that Amretheon High King knew as the Teeth of the Moon.

2. No: Savilla is using the Delfier Shrine, which was once a part of the Flower Forest Delfierarathadan near the Western Shore.

3. Yes. Elven civilization after Dragon Prophecy and before “Glories of the Autumn” is mostly concentrated in the Western Lands (though of course they maintain a presence east of the Mystrals and will be concentrating more on that area as the millennia pass).

4. More or less: it’s a festival in the early spring to celebrate the fact that the days are getting visibly longer.

5. The Lady Amintia was married to someone else. Just as well, as she was really very conventional, and Cilarnen returned to Armethalieh a very different person than he was when he left. It took him many years to find a true love, and when he did, she was not from Armethalieh at all.

6. No: the Dragon’s Gate is in the Mystrals, the Gatekeeper Pass is either in, or east of, the Bazrahils. I think it’s the one the Elves of Vieliessar’s time know as Traitor’s Gate, which would put it on the far side of the Arzhana plateau.

7. Kareta’s mother was indeed Calmeren. As for the relationship she was hoping to develop with Harrier…I would say it was heavily influenced by the fact that Shalkan’s descendents always felt a need to watch over Kellen’s descendents.
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