2014-08-23 04:58 am

House of the Four Winds is Out.

At the beginning of this month, House of the Four Winds was published. You can read an excerpt from it here. (Unfortunately, the giveaway is over by now...)
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2014-01-11 07:47 pm

A Belated Happy New Year and an Update

Greetings to all of my friends and readers. I hope the holiday celebrations of the last 90 days went splendidly, and here's hope for more condign revelry in 2014.
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2013-04-20 11:33 pm

The House Of The Four Winds

No matter what Amazon may say, "The House of the Four Winds" is NOT the next DRAGON PROPHECY book. That would be "Dragon Prophecy #2: Blade of Empire"...

Meanwhile, "The House of the Four Winds" is another collaboration between me and Mercedes Lackey, and we hope you enjoy it. Details to come.