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I'm in the middle of the editorial revisions on BLADE OF EMPIRE, and as always, there are bits and pieces that end up on the cutting room floor, as it were. I thought you might enjoy seeing this one, since it doesn't involve spoilers.

The destruction of Farcarinon, and Prince Serenthon Farcarinon’s bid for the High Kingship, had been the greatest campaign young Prince Runacarendalur of Caerthalien had as yet been a part of, though he was a blooded knight with command of his own meisne. The Long Peace that followed the glories of that last wild campaign and its magnificent conclusion had grated on his nerves, and he’d sought diversion anywhere he could find it. He’d been hunting in Rimroheth Flower Forest—its trees were sacrosanct, not the animals who lived there—when he’d discovered one of his father’s secrets: Gunedwaen Swordmaster, Gunedwaen of Farcarinon, was alive.

Oh, he was bent and broken and maimed, but he lived. Runacar had thought himself very clever to return to Caerthalien Great Keep, dress himself in forester’s garb, and return to Rimroheth, presenting himself to Gunedwaen as Caren, a forester of Caerthalien. He’d been delighted when the old man fell for the deception—though as Runacar discovered later, Gunedwaen hadn’t been deceived for a moment—and returned to visit several times, always on the pretext of “seeking out good hunting for my lord of Caerthalien”. Farcarinon’s Swordmaster had been bitter and grieving, and hardly good company, though it had given Runacar an illicit thrill to meddle in one of his father’s secrets.

Until the day he had ridden into the clearing, and Gunedwaen had spoken before he even had a chance to dismount.

“Heir-Prince Runacarendalur of Caerthalien, do you truly believe Bolecthindial to be this much of a fool? He could not have brought Lord Serenthon down to death were that so.”

Runacar had frozen in place, unable to think of a word to say.

Gunedwaen had smiled in a way that had chilled Runacar’s hot blood. “Perhaps you can evade your father’s men if you leave now. Run, little rabbit. Run.”

Runacar had touched spurs to his palfrey’s flanks, and she had sprung into flight. He evaded the men his father had sent after him, but he did not evade his father’s punishment thereafter.


He never saw Gunedwaen again, not even when Caerthalien went to war against Vieliessar Farcarinon, and did not know now whether the aged Swordmaster had lived or died.



Date: 2017-01-22 09:15 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
!!!!!!!! what was the punishment?!

Also, how long did the long peace last and how long did Viel stay in the Sanctuary before coming to Gunedwaen?

And if Rune was discovered by Bolecthindial when he went to visit Gunedwaen, how did Viel manage to evade detection?

Re: ooooh!!!!

Date: 2017-01-22 05:48 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Also, I have a question regarding the Enduring Flame Trilogy. It was mentioned in one of your cut scenes that the Endarkened fought wars in the desert. However, in the Obsidian Trilogy they are only ever mentioned concentrating their efforts in the temperate lands of humans and Elves, and I don't recall from Crown of Vengeance that the Elves extended all the way south during the Dragon Prophecy Trilogy. So when did the Endarkened fight in the deserts?

A more complete map of the world would also be nice, especially since I don't quite have a reference for many of the locations. Where exactly is Pelashia's Veil? Furthermore, where were the Castles in the Teeth of the Moon that the Elves abandoned, the Goldengrass where they chased Aradhwain the Mare? What lies beyond Greythunder Garyill up to the furthest ocean that we never saw in the map? The Endarkened obviously refer to locations that were never explored and that the Elves perhaps abandoned, and some context for these locations would indeed be nice.

Sorry if I sound most demanding haha, but I really would like to know all the geography and context of these locations.

Re: ooooh!!!!

Date: 2017-03-21 03:40 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hahaha thanks so much for your questions.

So from what I've gathered from all the books so far, the Elves first appeared in the Grand Windsward at the time where they called out to Aradhwain the Mare. And then they moved south and west into the Vale of Celenthodiel and established Celephrandulias-Tildorangelor. And then after its fall they moved north and west into the Uradahbur and the Western lands, eventually spreading out into the Arzhana and the Grand Windsward once again once the Uradabur and the Western Lands had no space left.

However, there is no mention of them fighting the Beastlings when they roamed the plains of the Grand Windsward. Was there some form of conflict between the two parties that led to this state of permanent warfare during Vieliessar's time? Or were the Elves first to claim that land, and then it was later settled by the beastlings when the Elves moved southwards into the Teeth of the Moon.

Also, why is there nothing east of the Graythunder Glairyrill? This is taken from Uralesse's attempt to find the source of Elven magic, where he "first (Uralesse) scoured the Goldengrass, and found it empty from the Winnowing Sea in the east to the shores of Graythunder Glairyrill".

During Harrier and Tiercel's time, i take it that the Elves have once again claimed the Grand Windsward? Have they also reclaimed Celephranduilias-Tildorangelor? Or was that completely destroyed eventually?

Re: ooooh!!!!

Date: 2017-03-22 03:56 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
ah that would explain it. didn't know tarnkappa existed back then i thought she cloaked herself in pure magic.


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