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As of last week, BLADE OF EMPIRE has gone through *two* editorial revisions and is now in production at Tor! This puts it on schedule for a Fall 2017 release.

I will almost certainly be turning in SCOURGE OF FATE by the end of this year, though what Tor does with it after that, and when, is anybody's guess.

Date: 2017-08-15 08:07 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Mr. Mallory I love the books both you and Ms. Lackey have created in this world. It has been my favorite since not long after When Darkness Falls was published. It takes me awhile at times to get into either a new author or even a new series by an author I already love. For the longest time To Light a Candle was my favorite book (If anyone saw that book on my shelf, they would know that it has been re-read many times. It was in horrible condition). Around 2009 or so The Outstretched Shadow became my all-time favorite book. That was too change a third time when Crown of Vengeance was published, and that one book remains my favorite to this day. Personally I think that this has the ability to become a great open world series. There are so many stories that can be told in this world. So I pray continuously that Tor would be interested in buying them (and hopefully not destroy the books while they are at it).

When I read some of your earlier post here, something that was said bothers me. I may be over thinking this, but on Jan. 4, 2017 you said that Blade of Empire and Scourge of Fate was basically one long book (cut down so hopefully more of the book will be published). On an earlier post (can’t remember where off hand) you said that Tor has only contracted you for three books. Will the rest of the story get told in Scourge of Fate? You say this book is still a trilogy. But if Blade and Scourge is one book, then wouldn’t that leave the conclusion not finished? Or will Scourge be ‘cut to fit’ like Crown? Sorry about this question but once I started to think about what you wrote, and then overthink it, I was panicking that I would never see a good finish for my favorite series to date.

Thank you for your time,
P.S. Any news on the Novellas you said Tor already had?


The next book in the "Dragon Prophecy" series is Blade of Empire. It will be published by Tor Books at the end of 2017.

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