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The second Great War

Date: 2014-07-25 05:30 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] randirelarwen
Hi. First of all, I am a huge fan, I got started with Outstretched Shadow from a boy that I liked and it was somewhat serendipitous because I had actually purchased Lackey's book, By The Sword, some years before without putting two and two together when I received Outstretched Shadow. I became enthralled with the Obsidian Trilogy, all of yours and Lackey's other books as well, the sequels, and the prequels.
I am delighted to hear about Blade (the sooner the better) and am hopping I will enjoy The House of Four Winds.
But to come to the point(much in the fashion of the elves, though brief to the point of rudeness I am sure), my question is about any possible plans for a prequel concerning the second Great War?
(Or rather "It would please me greatly to know, of your courtesy, if there might possibly be plans for book concerning the the second Great War, when humans took the field alongside Elven kind and Their power was broken) -Sorry I have been dying to do that for a long time.
There is a lot of mention, during The Obsidian Trilogy, to the war and what happened, just enough to keep me up at night thinking.
Also, and possibly this will be revealed in the Dragon Prophecy, series, but Shalkan? Everyone makes a fuss over Kellen being Shalkan's rider, but we never find out why being Shalkan's rider is so different from riding Gesade or any other unicorn. Obviously, Shalkan had been conserving his power by not lending his power to any other workings but....perhaps I am over thinking things, but I would love to know more of Shalkan's story before he melt Kellen, and Idalia and Jermayan's stories. And what happens to Kellen after the war? Does he win a flower war or visit the Selken homeland or marry Vestakia, do they have children? I'm sure that Kellen remained in elven lands in his own home near the House of sword and shield. And Cilarnen, oh a thousand questions I could ask. Still, I wonder, especially about the Great War.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Miriam E. Lane - devoted fan and writer

Re: The second Great War

Date: 2014-08-26 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] randirelarwen
Wow... just wow, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Every time I read or listen to the books I come up with more.
While I am asking, I noticed that in the Obsidian Trilogy audiobooks, the pronunciation Vieliessar Farcarinon is different than in the audio version of Crown of Vengeance. Was that on purpose? And what is the correct pronunciation? Also, I think the Obsidian Trilogy would make an amazing trilogy of movies.
I am very excited that I can look forward to finding out about the Second Endarkened War and the events of Vel-al- Amion! It sounds like it will live up to my expectations a thousand times over.
While I believe that it would be interesting to read more about Kellen and Cilarnen's future lives, you have satisfied my curiosity. I am a believer in that, if the story is over, it is over, and there is no point in trying to continue to suck the life out of an ending. We, the readers, have to accept these facts and use our imaginations to find our own endings, lest we be disappointed with the truth.
I am sure that Blade of Empire will raise more questions but I look forward to having more questions to ask.

Thank you so much,
Miriam Lane

Dragon Prophesy

Date: 2014-11-10 11:11 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I've just finished Crown of Vengeance, and I loved it. Even enough to look past stumbling over the preponderance of long complicated elvish names. Since it has been a few months since the last mention of it, had there been any further effort to nail down a release date for Blade of Empire?



Date: 2014-11-13 11:20 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I just read the response to the previous commenter's questions! How exciting. I'd really like to know how long unicorns live too! I'm blown away by the depth of this world and how intimately you know the details of everything. I'm going crazy waiting, especially now that I know some Shalkan questions are going to be answered. He's got to be one of my favorites! I just stumbled upon Crown of Vengeance at B&N on accident, I didn't even know it existed but I saw the authors and got excited because I've read the Obsidian Trilogy several times over and then I read the back and saw Vieliessar Farcarinon and flipped out right there in the aisle. Now I'm paranoid I'm going to miss future books and series based in this world! Also, love the elven names but I feel bad for you if you had to type them over and over. I used several of the destrier names for names to register my horses.

Anyway, thanks!


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