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Greetings to all of my friends and readers. I hope the holiday celebrations of the last 90 days went splendidly, and here's hope for more condign revelry in 2014.
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No matter what Amazon may say, "The House of the Four Winds" is NOT the next DRAGON PROPHECY book. That would be "Dragon Prophecy #2: Blade of Empire"...

Meanwhile, "The House of the Four Winds" is another collaboration between me and Mercedes Lackey, and we hope you enjoy it. Details to come.
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Crown of Vengeance, first book of the Dragon Prophecy Trilogy, will be released on November 13, 2012. I wish to assure readers of this journal that I have not secretly changed my name to Stephen Zimmer, who also has a book called "Crown of Vengeance" coming out this month. I'm rather surprised that this seems to be such a common title.

And what is our new book about? I'm very glad you asked:


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Dear Readers and Friends:

As we wait together for the publication of Crown of Vengeance, allow me to offer up a small entertainment: The World Of Obsidian Wiki. At the moment its content is scant: I hope, in the weeks to come, to add entries and material drawn from both the published and unpublished tales of Obsidian, and I invite you all to join me, for it is truly said that the labor of many hands is light labor indeed.

Very Truly Yours,

James Mallory, Writer
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When I delivered The Enduring Flame: Book Three: The Phoenix Transformed to my publisher, it was over 250,000 words long -- appreciably longer than the previous two books in the trilogy. I was aware I would need to make significant cuts in the manuscript in order to prepare it for publication. Most of them were a matter of a few sentences here, a few paragraphs there ... but there were also three chapters in the first half of the book -- roughly 30,000 words -- that were almost entirely omitted.

As you will see, certain key scenes in these chapters -- such as Ahiran's meeting with the Firecrown -- were included almost unchanged in the final draft. Others were either cut substantially -- such as the stop at Kannatha Well -- or only summarized.

I present them here, for those of you who might find them of interest.
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A reader writes:

"Dear Mr. Mallory,

Do you and Mercedes Lackey have plans for more books set in the World of Obsidian?

All the Best,

A. Reader"

I am pleased to announce that Ms. Lackey and I have just delivered to our publisher The Dragon Prophecy: Book One: Crown Of Vengeance. Tor has not scheduled it as of yet, but it is likely to be a Fall 2011 or Spring 2012 release.

The Dragon Prophecy Trilogy is set long before the events of The Obsidian Mountain Trilogy. It tells the story of the first war fought between the Children of Light and the Endarkened, of the Elves in a time millennia before they had the race of Men to aid in their fight, from a time before the Wild Magic -- and long before the High Magic had been thought of.
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Greetings to my unseen lectors. Today I note, for posterity and my stylesheet, the forms of a word that will surely perplex my dear copyeditor in the not-too-distant future.

Komen = knight, [common usage]
Komenara = company [or meisne] of knights
Komentai = Knight, Sir [respectful, usually inferior to superior]
Komentai'a = [plural and singular] company of knights, any number [respectful, usually inferior to superior]
Alakomentai = Knight-commander, leader of a komentai'a
Alakomentai'ia = [plural form] Knights-Commander, leaders of komentai'a

And the root word, komen -- which was Old Elvish - didn't really mean "Commander" or anything like it. It meant -- as close as you could come to it in non-Elvish -- "Brotherhood." Try to translate the whole thing, and what you got -- besides a headache -- was "the servant of the Brotherhood."
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As I mentioned in my previous entry, every writer keeps a file of notes about the project in hand, information that never makes it into the finished work or, if it does, does so in a greatly-etiolated form. When the writer in question isn't writing about the mundane here-and-now world, his file of facts grows necessarily greater, containing everything from notes on the local weather and detailed descriptions of clothing to the composition of favorite dishes. Here now another short excerpt from mine.
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Every writer of long series' must keep a concordance or risk falling into grievous error in later volumes. I thought you might be entertained by this page from my notebook.
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A little more than a year ago Tiercel Rolfort and Harrier Gillain had been ordinary boys looking toward an ordinary future. Harrier had been ready to embark upon the Apprenticeship that would eventually lead to him succeeding his father as Harbormaster of Armethalieh Port, and Tiercel, like most of his age-mates, would be attending Armethalieh University before taking his place in the thriving bureaucracy of the Nine Cities.

But that was Before.
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The Phoenix Transformed, Book Three of The Enduring Flame, will be a September 2009 Tor Books hardcover

The Phoenix Transformed
September 2009
512 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7653-1595-3
Hardcover: $27.00US/$35.99CAN

Forthcoming Books

The next book in the "Dragon Prophecy" series is: Blade of Empire. Its publication date has not yet been set.

The first book in the "One Dozen Daughters" series is: House of the Four Winds Its publication date has not yet been set.

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